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Introducing an innovative way to convert a flashlight that uses traditional C-Cell batteries into one that can be recharged with USB power. This is great for those who have our G5 Flashlight but prefer to have a rechargeable battery option, too. It also works with many other brands of flashlights as long as they use 3 Standard C-Cell Alkaline batteries.

The simple design allows you to insert the device into the battery compartment of the flashlight and use just as you would if you were using regular batteries. When the FuelCore 3C needs recharging, just simply twist the positive side cap which will unveil a micro-USB charging port. Plug the provided USB cable into the charging port and then into a standard USB plug. The charging indicator light on the side will go from red to green letting you know when it's fully charged.

Finally, there's a way to have a flashlight that can use regular batteries and be USB rechargeable. No more carrying around extra batteries or bulky chargers. You'll now have the freedom to charge your flashlight using anything that provides USB power. This can be anything such as your computer, car, boat, power bank, or solar panel. The options are limitless.

For Everyday Savings:

Here's a use case from one of our customers:

"I love my flashlight and I love the fact that it uses C Cell batteries, However, I'm not a huge fan of constantly supplying batteries for it. Since it's a flashlight I use a lot, I prefer to use the FuelCore 3C so that I can save money on batteries by charging up the FuelCore everyday. The three hour run time is all I need for everyday work. But I love knowing that if I need to use my flashlight for emergencies or working extended hours I can always throw in some standard C Cells to keep me going."


A "Beautiful Off-Grid Solution"

Here's a use case from one of our customers:

"Having a flashlight is obviously essential especially when you are preparing for when disaster strikes. For us, when choosing a flashlight, knowing how the unit will be powered is extremely important. It usually comes down to the question of whether to go with rechargeable or standard alkaline batteries. Usually the benefit of going with regular batteries is that they have a longer shelf life so you can store your flashlight with these batteries inside and they will be ready to use the instant they are needed. Rechargeable batteries, on the other hand, won't hold a charge for more than a few months so it's likely they will be dead when you really need them. However, relying solely on alkaline batteries will eventually leave you with a useless flashlight and a bunch of dead batteries. This is where the FuelCore 3C changes the game by giving us huge flexibility. For us, we have several C Battery Flashlights stored with Duracell batteries inside. Along side all of those are our FuelCore 3C's and ProGrid Solar Panels. This gives us absolute preparation because once we need our flashlights we can immediately begin using them with alkaline batteries. Meanwhile, we can go ahead and start charging our FuelCore 3C's with solar power from the ProGrids. Once the Duracell C Batteries have been depleted we can start running the flashlights off of the FuelCores and never worry about batteries again. It's a beautiful off-grid solution and we are super happy with them." 



Product Specifications:

Output Voltage: 4.75v (Similar to 3x1.5v C's)

Runtime: 3 Hours (Tested with G5)

Battery Type: Lithium-Ion

Battery Capacity: 2600mAh

Warranty: 1 Year

$ 25.00