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The ProGrid Kit is an all-in-one system that allows you to be ready for any emergency or adventure. The kit includes the G5 Flashlight, HL3 Headlamp, FuelCore 3C, ProGrid 7 Solar Panel, and a spare set of C and AA batteries.

When disaster strikes you can begin immediately using the headlamp and flashlight with the included C and AA batteries (alkaline batteries have long shelf life). While you use those products and deplete the batteries you can begin charging the FuelCore 3C with the ProGrid7. This will allow you to later switchover to rechargeable batteries once the C/AA batteries are depleted. You just simply remove the C batteries from the G5 Flashlight and insert the fully charged FuelCore 3C. Once the FuelCore has been depleted, connect it to the ProGrid7 with the provided USB cable to charge it back up then insert it back into the G5 for use again. Continue this process for a fully off-grid solution to power your G5 Flashlight. 

Also, while the HL3 Headlamp can run off of an AA battery it can also be charged with a USB cable when connected to the ProGrid7. Remember to remove the AA battery from the headlamp and insert the rechargeable 14500 battery before charging.

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